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Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 Makeup Favorites

This is my first time putting together a favorites post, mostly because I don't buy enough products to update on a monthly basis. Here are products that I've loved in 2010, but not necessarily over the course of the entire year (e.g. I only recently bought the Living Doll blush, but it's my absolute favorite blush). I have reviews on most of these products, so I will link them somewhere in their respective spotlights.

L-R, T-B: GreedVanityPride, Lust (I bought them in this order)
1. Wet 'n' Wild Color Icon Palettes
I know these are on a lot of people's favorites list, and they deserve to be! The quality of these eyeshadows are amazing, especially at $5 per palette. I don't own any MAC eyeshadows, but a lot of more experienced makeup junkies have declared these comparable to MAC and higher end eyeshadows. I marked my favorite shades to wear with arrows, but that is not to say that the other shades are bad quality. There are three shades that I don't care for, mostly because they're sheer and chalky, and they are the lavender and shimmery peach shades in the Greed palette, and the shimmery white in the Pride palette.

(Another product from an animal-testing company that I'll have to part with in the near future.)
I use the two shades indicated to fill in my eyebrows. They look nice for everyday looks as well. The copper is surprisingly smooth for something with a lot of shimmer. The brow bone shade is really sheer, but I don't mind because I don't use shimmery brow highlights anyway. I like using a matte cream shade all over the lid, and putting the "Lid" color in the crease and outer corner. It looks like I'm not wearing makeup, but adds depth to my flat eye area.

(Sadly, this is from a company that tests on animals, so I won't be repurchasing.)
This is the only eyeliner I've tried that doesn't smudge on me. It flakes a little, but it's not major enough to fret about. The felt tip is easy to control. It's stiff enough not to flop like a caterpillar, but it's not like stainless steel-stiff.

This is my go-to mascara, because it stays on my lashes for as long as I need it to stay. In my review, I included before and after pictures of how dramatic this mascara makes my lashes look. Even though it adds a lot of volume, the Colossal isn't overwhelming for everyday wear.

Honeymoon looks like a peachy blush, but it's so sheer, it shows up as shimmer. I think this product makes a great cheek highlight. The shimmer particles are really small, so the product doesn't chunk up on the face and give the discoball effect. In person, it looks like that radiant glow children have. It's a pretty vague description, but that's how natural it looks. In photos, even with flash on, it simply looks like your face is naturally glowing.

I recently posted the review for this blush, but I mentioned that it's my current favorite blush. I can see myself loving this blush for a long time, because it's a really clean pink. "Doll" is the perfect word to describe this blush.

This is another cheek highlight that deserves recognition (but not too much, because it's already sought after by masses of people!). I wear this under matte foundations (Revlon ColorStay) to bring back the skin-like finish to my face. When I wear this underneath my foundation, I usually skip the Honeymoon blush for highlighting, since that would be too much "glow" going on. I think this product is comparable to Benefit's High Beam, except that it's more subtle and much cheaper in price.

(Revlon is cruelty-free.)
I love this foundation for the warmer months. In the winter, I find that it accentuates dry flakes on my face that I didn't even know existed. In the summer, I wear this whether I'm inside or outside. It does have shimmer, but I always set my makeup with a powder anyway, and this tones down the "sparkles" that people complain about. Surprisingly, it lasts all day on my oily skin. I only need to blot and touch up powder twice a day when I wear this.

I use this to cover up my dark circles. It dries down so that it doesn't transfer, but it doesn't settle into fine lines like powder. I covers about 70% of my dark circles, which is good enough for me.

10. Revlon ColorStay Pressed Powder with SoftFlex
I've been using this powder ever since middle school to control the oil on my face. It's sheer and adds just the slightest hint of color; I wouldn't look to this for coverage. The powder is completely matte, and it keeps my face shine-free for up to four hours (which is quite a feat). I also bring the compact with me for touching up. It doesn't cake up upon reapplication. I like the sponge it comes with for touching up, but I prefer a brush for a looser application.

Sweet Nectar is a sheer red lipstick that can be worn during the day or at night. I wear this whenever I go out at night. It's a warmer red, so it does bring out the yellowness in teeth, but not by a lot. I have Pink Please from this line too, but that lipstick is so drying. Sweet Nectar doesn't dry out my lips at all. I'm guessing this is because Sweet Nectar is slightly shimmery, and I've heard that this makes lipsticks more moisturizing.

Sadly, this is a discontinued shade that was phased out when the Daydreamer lipglosses were introduced. This is a sheer, cool-toned red that I like to wear over the Sweet Nectar lipstick. It keeps my lips moisturized, and it isn't sticky at all. It comes with SPF 15 to protect your lips from UV rays. If you're looking for a similar shade from Revlon, I've heard Firecracker is an adequate alternative.

13. Paris Presents HD Angled Blush Brush
(I'm not sure if this company is cruelty-free, but they own ecoTools, which is a cruelty-free brand.)
I found this brush at Wal-Mart for about $6. The brush head is really dense, but the bristles feel soft on the face. The angled shape of it allows for a precise application if you choose to contour with it. I use it to apply blush, because it packs on color really heavily (most of my blushes are on the sheer side). I haven't had one hair shed from the ferrule, and I've washed this brush over 20 times.

(Sonia Kasuk is cruelty-free.)
Since this brush is so dense, I use it to stipple on foundation every day. I wouldn't say the effect is "airbrushed" but it applies foundation in a non-streaky, seamless way. I've had this brush for three months, and I use it on a daily basis. I wash it every other day with mild soap and water. As you can see in the picture, there are a few loose hairs, but the brush hasn't technically shed a single hair.

I like using this brush for putting color into the crease and blending. The tip is a little too thin for it to be a full-time blending brush, but it gets the job done, even if it's a little tedious. I have the long-handled version, which they've discontinued. Now, most of Revlon's brushes have itty bitty 3-inch handles. I don't think they've changed the brush head design though.

(ecoTools is cruelty-free and, obviously, eco-friendly. Also, don't mind the bent bristles, this baby just got done drying after a wash.)
I carry this in my makeup bag for touching up powder during the day. If you own an ecoTools brush, you know how soft they are. This brush is perfect for buffing in powder without looking cakey. Retractable kabuki brushes tend to be pretty expensive, but ecoTools managed to put one out at a reasonable price.

Do you own any of these products? Do you love them like I do? What are your favorite products of the year?

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