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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Back-to-School Bags

Hey guys. Wow, it's been a while.

I'd been busy with my senior year in high school and college application stuff. All of that is over with now. It's funny to think I used to have time that can be afforded to running a blog. So sorry to those—if any—that anticipated my updates. I know I was never good at posting regularly.

I'm headed off to college in a few weeks, so my life has seen countless hours of shopping lately. I never thought I would, could get tired of shopping, but I am! As if college isn't already tens of thousands of dollars expensive, I have to buy clothes, electronics, shoes, books (just kidding. Why buy when you can get e-books free from 600% reputable sources?), and so much more.

I just thought I'd share with you guys the bags I'm bringing for college.
First up is my just-chillin' bag. My boyfriend's mom bought it for me. It's the Tyler Rodan Burke crossbody bag in Coral Paisley.

I've seen girls in high school carrying this kind of bag as their main school bag, and I've always wondered how they did it. This bag only holds my wallet, phone, makeup bag, and keys. Putting anything else in there is pushing it. I carry it when I'm doing the most casual things, like grocery shopping, going to a friend's house, or driving aimlessly and not wanting to be caught without a license.
Next is my casual school bag. I have days in my schedule when I only have lectures to attend (read: No textbooks to carry. Thank you, college gods). I get simple messenger bags to carry notebooks and pens, in addition to my wallet and basics. This particular bag is from Aeropostale.

If you've ever owned an Aero bag, you know it is thin and flimsy. But it's cool! I like Forever 21 and Aero for casual school bags. They're cheap. They carry your notebooks and folders. Sure, they don't last too long—I get about a year's use out of them before they start to rip or the leather flakes off—but school bags are destined to be discarded. Why spend a fortune on a nice bag when every day, it'll swing and rub its way closer to a fated death?
Lastly, the backpack. The true, heavy-duty backpack. It's not fashionable, but it'll carry my laptop and my textbooks, and everything else my other bags carry. I bought this at Costco for $20, no joke. The brand is High Sierra, and I think the bag's name is Rip Rap.

I'm not sure what I can say about it. It's a backpack. And it'll carry all your stuff.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Oxford booties at Payless

I found these cuties at my local Payless store. They are $34.99 full price (link to them online), but if you sign up for their emailing list, they will send you a 15% off any purchase coupon, which would make these $30.

The heel is 3.5 inches tall, although they look a little taller than that. These are somewhat narrow (I normally buy Wide shoes from Payless), but they fit snugly on my feet. Even new and fresh off the shelf, they are comfortable to walk in. I bought these in size 7.5, which is what I wear, and they are true to size, in case you want to order them online.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

OOTD: Fall is coming

Ruffled navy blue with white polka dots dress – $21, Forever 21
Black chunky knit cardigan – $14, Wal-Mart
Solid black tights – any will do
Brown Oxford-style booties – $25, Papaya

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Review: Revlon Lip Butter in Peach Parfait

I was so excited to finally get this (just about the last person on Earth). I've been looking for a natural, peachy shade for the summer, so I finally had a justification for buying new makeup. I picked Peach Parfait because I saw Emma Stone wearing it in the Revlon ad that everyone's seen. The lighting of the ad, plus her fair skin made the shade look a lot more orange, but I've heard that Peach Parfait's that shade that just complements everyone.
Peach Parfait is a sheer peachy pink with golden micro glitter. There isn't too much glitter, but you can spot them lurking in the tube and when they catch sunlight. Even with the glitter, I think this shade is very natural looking. I did find that it applies patchily unless my lips were perfectly exfoliated and moisturized. I didn't even know I had dry flakes until I put this on.
I've heard people rave about this as the miracle product — looks like lipstick, feels like gloss. I don't know what shade they were talking about, but it wasn't this one. The above shows a normal application, and a heavier application. I had to press down harder, and swipe the lip butter twice to get the color intensity of the heavier application.
Here's a picture of my bare lips. I've been sick, so my lips have been paler than usual this week.
And here's a heavy application. It restores to my lips a lively, natural pink. I do like that while the glossiness fades away in about two hours, the product is able to stain my lips that pink color. The stain stays put even when I apply lip balm over it, so I can get that glossy feel back without losing the color.

I'm not sure how to feel about Peach Parfait. It's definitely a lovely color, and without it, I couldn't have looked anything but pale and sick, but it's definitely nothing special, and nothing worth raving about. For something that's supposed to be a lip butter, it doesn't apply very smoothly. It doesn't carry much pigment, and is at best a tinted lip balm — a common drugstore find. Was it worth the $7? Not really. But do I regret buying it? Not really. It's wearable, it's cute, and that's what I was looking for.

Product- 23/30
Packaging- 5/5
Price- 4/5
Rating: B-

Friday, April 20, 2012

Review: Revlon Photo Ready Perfecting Primer

Drugstores have been pushing out foundation primers for years. I remember being in middle school and wishing I could afford Revlon's Beyond Natural primer because $12 was a whole week of lunch money, man. But anyway, those primers never amounted to much success. For the most part, they only worked for people with dry skin, since they were, in the very least, capable of smoothing out pores and lines. If you wanted oil control, you opted for Smashbox or Make Up Forever and their ridiculous prices. I've been using Victoria's Secret primer, which performed adequately for my under-eye area. That bottle's gone, so I got Revlon's new primer in the Photo Ready family. It retails for anywhere from $11 to $14.
It comes in the same glass bottle with a pump as the foundation. The only difference is that whereas the foundation carries the standard 1.0 fluid ounce of product, the primer only comes with 0.91 fluid ounces. Even so, this primer's still a lot more affordable than most primers on the market.
The primer has the consistency of both mousse and gel. I'd say it feels like 50% gel, 40% mousse, and 10% liquid. It retains its shape when you pump it out, and it doesn't slip around or drip. It also has a strong plastic scent that you can detect when you're applying it, but thankfully, it doesn't stick around for too long.
It's easy to smooth out and rub into the skin. It glides right into my pores and fine lines. I got this mostly to fill in the fine lines under my eyes, so my concealer wouldn't cake up.
See how the lines on my hand seem less prominent? The primer also masks a lot of the shine on my face, which, as an oily-skinned person, I do like. Compare the shine and the lack of between the first swatch and the last swatch. Velvety smooth, me gusta.
Foundation applies beautifully over it! In the above picture, I'm wearing L'Oreal's mineral powder foundation. The primer peeks through and still provides me with a nice, even glow (note: not shine!) that usually airbrushing achieves.
And after six hours with absolutely no blotting nor powdering, this is what my face looked like. Notice the foundation fading and piling up around my nose and on my blackheads. I found that blotting helped reduce blotchiness, but powdering encouraged it. I would prefer the primer to hold up both ways, but hey, I'd rather blot oil away than pile on more product.

Product- 26/30
Packaging- 5/5
Price- 5/5
Rating: A-
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